Working With Us!

What does the working with Mr Graphics look like?

Step 1. Contact Us:

The first step to any good relationship is to say hi! Please let us know any information as to the website you would like. The more information, the better! We love clients who send us information about their companies, links to websites they like and what they hope to achieve by having a site. If you want your current website modified, please send us a link!

Step 2. Meeting Phase

The meeting phase is where we arrange a meeting with you after looking through your materials. We will discuss costs, your needs and anything else that may be relevant to your website ( like text and images you want to be included).  The meeting phase is the most important as this process will help shape your final site.

Step 3. The design phase

Our talented designers will use their experience to create a design for your website and then send it to you. We will receive any feedback and make changes to your requests.  

Step 4. Programming

Our programmers will work diligently to create your website to your exact requirements! What all the text hot pink in comic sans? No problem! We have got you covered! ( Some of our more tech-savvy clients have been known to add their own text and images during this time to the site! We are happy for your help if you want to feel more a part of the project!)

Step 5. Revision

After the site is completed, we will walk you through each of the sections! If you want anything changed, we will work with you to help you achieve those goals!

Step 6. Optional Training

If you want to take the reins from us, please let us know! For an additional cost, we can teach you to add content to your site! If you are happy for us to continue working on your website when changes are needed we have an excellent retainer program!

Step 7. Marvel at your new website!

Bravo! Your new website is up and ready to go! Congratulations!  Take a step back and enjoy your new 24/7 advertising!